The “Fifth Wave” of the Silicon Valley


By Michael S. Malone

The release of the new Silicon Valley Competitiveness and Innovation Project report by the Silicon Valley Leadership Group and Silicon Valley Community Foundation presents the perfect moment to look at this remarkable region, our home, from a new and fresh perspective.  It is time to ask ourselves where the Valley – from San Francisco to San Jose to Oakland and beyond – goes from here.

I’d like to begin with some good news.  I don’t have to tell you that over the last few years, despite a stagnant national economy, Silicon Valley has had an amazing run – one of the greatest in its history.  I assumed, as I suspect many of you did as well, that the nation’s other tech centers were enjoying a similar success – that, indeed, they might be gaining ground on the Valley.

But, the new report tells a very different story.  Amazingly, what the researchers – Collaborative Economics – has found is that our region, already dominant in the world of high tech, has begun to pull away from most of our regional counterparts.

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